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                                                    Pants-Y Jeans
                                                    Necklace-Crafted by Me
Hey everybody!! Today i did a few things at The Office, and in about 1 hour and 30 minutes we will be going to Chicago (or somewhere around there) to pick up our AIRSTREAM!!!! I'm so excited to get it, because that means we get to finally travel again! When i was younger my family (blood and "extended") lived on School Buses and we all went around and went to Rainbow gatherings and it was so very fun for me, so i'm so glad we get to do that sort of hing again! I also can't wait for the Photo Ops! be sure to check in the next few days for loads of photos!!! Thank you for reading this post!!! XoXo Jaydinn.


Polka Dots... "Outfit Post"

So today, i decided to put on a weird but cute outfit on and take pictures... (read previous post) here is a not so normal outfit post, i really like it because it's kind of weird! i will have some normal outfit posts soon!
Well thank you for reading!!! XoXo Jaydinn!!!!


Hey, Nice Boulder

So, my family bought an Airstream and we were going to pick it up in Chicago, and then the man called and told us to come the week after. We were all excited about going on a trip, so we decided to head to Colorado, we barely packed so we are just going to thrift stores, which is fine by me. so here are pictures from today!
Some fun thrifting pictures, they had awesome junk! and i just loved playing around with my camera... taking pictures of everything!`
I'm just crazy about this picture for some reason!!!!
After some mountain exploring we went to Einstein's Bagels! this place has a special place in my heart!
Then we walked over to Whole Foods and got some amazing Belgian Chocolate Mousse! it was delightful!
After that we took a little drive to a Mountain town called Nederland... and there we passed this adorable Coffee Shop... i just had to take a picture of the sign!
Then we went to "The Alpaca Store" it was really cute!
Then we went on The Carousel Of Happiness it was very fun! and adorable!
On our way back to Boulder we explored a little more... My mom and I were playing with my camera and she took this happy picture of Me... and i like it :)
A few picture from a cute vintage shoppe in Boulder, Goldmine Vintage! my mom and i wanted to buy everything in the store!
I tried Mochi Ice Cream for the first time.... super yummy!!! +++++++++++++++
Adventures in Urban Outfitters! First off..... Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver and The Beatles on vinyl... next The Douchebag Jar from New Girl! oh how i love New Girl!
My new pretty Mushroom Pin from Goldmine Vintage! loveee!
Last thing of the night... trying to get tickets to a Ziggy Marley concert, it ended up not happening but it was fun being there! I'm having a wonderful time and hope you are too! I'm going to go to sleep because i feel as though every bone in my body is broken! Have a lovely week! XoXo Jaydinn.


SES £1

These are just some random things i've pinned on Pinterest..
XoXo Jaydinn


DIY and other schtuff :)

So This year I made a "2012 List Of Goals" and on it is... Get My Permit! Go To The Gym, Read A Lot More, GET MY NEW CAMERA, Take Even More Pictures, Blog At Least Once A Day, Eat Much Healthier, Wear More Dresses, Try To Bake More, Take A Photo An Hour (for the blog), Try To Save And Not Spend Money, Try Out A New Show, Make More DIYs, Do Stuff On Etsy, So i will try to keep up with those Goals to make this Blog much more enjoyable!! XoXo Jaydinn

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