Blue and Blue | Outfit Post

Yesterday me and my Mom went shopping and got cute things... i would like to point out that in this outfit post i am wearing all target things!!! i love me some target!

Oxfords-Target OR Forever 21

Instagram Update

1.Baby Goats at the zoo!! they were so cute!!! One escaped and we had to get the man to put it back!
2.We had to walk home from church in the pouring rain! i got my dream to dance and sing in the rain!!
3.Sarah let me put temporary tattoos all over her face! hahahahaha!!
4.Harry Potter jelly beans! i actually really liked the dirt one. weird huh?
5.Helping with kiddos for "God Rocks" haha! they are so crazy and cute!
6.Lunch date with my cousin :)
7.Triceratops Scull, so crazy!!!
8.Drew's pink beard!!!! i love beards, but pink beard. yes.
9.A very interesting thing on the kids menu at Famous Dave's "Meat Math" gross.
10.Finny, me and him used to do this thing "flying boop boop" and forgot about it, and he let me do it again. i have got a pretty sweet brother! (and sister)
11.New Blowfish Shoes, i squealed a lot when they came!!!!
12.Drawing on my wrists, needing tattoo!!!
13.My cute little dresser, decorating is so fun!
14.S'mores, i had an embarrassingly messy face! haha!
15.whoops... i numbered them wrong. i'm very tired people! very tired!
16.My sweet momma got me sparkly eyeliner and pretty nail polish!
17.i made myself a nice case, it's a part of a wall in germany.
18.loving my skirt and shoes.
19.my dad doing a back bend. i love him!!!! hahaha!!!
20.yummy drinks at the Coffee House, i decorated them because I LOVE TOO!!!!!!!
"21" a mistake picture...

Hope you enjoyed

BIKES!!! | Outfit Post

this was from a few days ago, and i kind of forgot about it! i have been so disorganized lately! But i finally got my editing software to work again, so now my pictures aren't just straight out of the camera! haha!!! I found this lovely skirt on our last thrifing trip, and it's my new favourite!!

Shirt-Plato's Closet

I love my bicycle!! i put my phone in my basket and blasted The Avett Brothers and i felt like i was in a happy scene in a movie! in was so fun!

love and bikeness

A Shorter "Day" | A Photo An Hour

I kept my promise, i have been doing a photo an hour every month, even though i forgot what day it was so i started it at 2:30 instead of when i woke up... so here is my shorter photo and hour.

2:30 Eating lunch...
3:30 Drawing my most wanted tattoos on my wrists
4:30 Driving to Manhattan.
5:30 Listening to my dad's stories.
6:30 Going to eat at Famous Dave's... bad idea for a vegetarian.
7:30 Finally eating!!! they have THE BEST fries!!
8:30 Looking at cars for our travels.
9:30 Dropped my Dad and siblings at the movies and went shopping with my Mom!
10:30 eating wonderful, wonderful Gelato from Target! i strongly suggest trying it! just don't eat the whole thing. i made that bad choice!

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