SES £6

I just think this is freaking adorable!! it makes me want to go camping!!
Source: etsy.com via Mallory on Pinterest
People keep having to come up with new lovely tights, that cost money :( in other words, INEEDTHESE!
High School fashion in 1969, sometimes i would give anything to go back and just walk down streets of San Fran, or Birminham, or Nashville, in the 60's.
A couple weeks ago, i just wanted yellow hair... i've changed. now i want Cotton Candy Pink hair!!
All these pictures throw me off, haha! their so cool, and i want to eat an ice cream cloud. it's a dream of mine!
Source: 9gag.com via Jenny on Pinterest

In A Scary Place... | Outfit Post

THIS is the place where our second scary experience happend, where a house used to be, but obviously isn't anymore. haha!

Hello Friend!!

Hailey stressing out because we were late for a dinner... i was trying to calm her down.

Jumper-Old Navy

 Hahahahaha!!!!!! I love this fail of a jumping picture!!! we're ballerinas!! 
Haha!!! I hope you have and will enjoyed/enjoy the posts from our week together!
XoXo Jaydinn
photo credit Sarah Schwarm

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