I Was Nominated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ello fine friends!

My friend Kailyn nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! wooop!!!!

Each Nominee Should:
1. Nominate fifteen fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
2. Add an image of the Versatile Blogger Award
3. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link to their site
4. Share seven completely random facts about yourself
5. Include this set of rules
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination
Random Facts-
1. I lived on a bus for  7 years on and off.
2. I freaking love Oreos, to the point of eating the whole bag by myself in a half hour.
3. I had braces. they sucked juice bags! (juice bag is my family's substitute for Douche Bag. but here it fits.)
4. I was so overwhelmed with emotions when i finished Catching Fire  that i walked out on to our porch with only a towel on, then i processed what i had done.
5. I eat Bubble Gum like it's food.
6. I want glasses soooo bad, but i don't want to HAVE to have them!
7. I owned a goat, her name was Tiara, and my friends Caleb and Maiah had ones named Sprite and Tina... Sprite had nubs for ears, poor thing!

My Nominations-

Charley- The Charley Girl
Lauren- My Calico Skies
Rachel- Daydream Frenzy
Sarah- Weary Shoes
Mandy- Grace And Viola
Kaylah- The Dainty Squid
Kinsey- Sincerely Kinsey
Elycia- Love Elycia
Elizabeth- Delightfully Tacky
Talia- Talia Christine

MM 7

The Acknowledgements

Happy Belated Easter,
Happy Early Birthday to Caleb,
Thank you to Sarah + Natasha for being my newest Sponsors!
Thank you to Hailey for letting me help you with your blog again!!!

Thank all of you for reading my blog! it means a lot!

now for my musical acknowledgements....

Band Of Horses- Factory

Blind Pilot- Go On Say It

Jess Penner- Built To Break... Hailey, this is the song i wanted you to listen to the other day. haha!

Thanks for listening and reading people!

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