Please hang in there with me...

I need to get my blog the way I want it, the way that I will want it months from now.

Pink and Brown have been my colours for a while so i base my banner around that, but it's not like i love those colours... i want it to look clean, and look like me.

So i'm sorry i keep changing it then saying "This is my last time changing it" and then going and changing it again!

This time i;m going to spend more time working on it, and getting it just the way i want it.


Pinky Dinky Doo | Outfit Post

Guess what i did today........... I DYED MY HAIR PINK!!!!
I dyed it for Easter, and now i never want to go back to Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad said it looked "Natural" and my Mema actually likes it!

Jumper-Old Navy
Crochet Cover- Vintage

 Dye your hair a different colour!!!!

it feels good!!!



Sarah... Again.

I have a model, and her name is sarah, and we are cousins. and she lets me do pretty much anything i want with her face for pictures. i am thankful for that.


Jaydinn & Sarah

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