The Scene

I've been in this same scene so many times. 
The people...
Clean cut,
Boarder line edgy.
The scene...
Big speakers,
Electric guitars,
Merch table to the side.
They're playing an upbeat song, then they say in an intense voice,
"Okay guys. Lift your hands."
This bit always happens, right as they say that little youth conference line, I feel my stomach tighten. because I know what's happening next.
While everyone's hands are up, they come in with a slow, "sentimental", pop-like, 80's ballad intro and start the guilt trip. 
"YOU. You have excuses, you could be reading your bible or praying or going to church. but instead you choose to do something else. If you don't do said thing, you'll go to hell and Jesus won't love you"
Okay, I guess that was too straight forward. But that is what i always leave big christian events feeling like they told me.
They TELL you to raise your hands. If I'm going to raise my hands, it's because I really feel Jesus. I'm not going to raise my hands if a guy with gelled hair, and plastic diamonds on his shirt tell me to.
The ages of these kids that go to all of these things are like 12 to 18, it's a vulnerable time in a human's life. It's where you really find yourself as a person AND as a follower of Jesus.
So to show a teenager anything other than the pure and perfect love of our Daddy, is douchy.
What if I had no access to a Bible? would god not love me? yes, he ALWAYS loves. He loves the people who purposefully run the other way from him. He loves the people who have 5 wives. He loves the people who read the Bible like a newly bought book, that you've been waiting months for. He loves the people who commit the worst crimes. He loves the people worshiping thousands of other gods. He loves the cheerleader,  He loves the bullied kid in the corner.
He just loves. LOVES LOVES LOVES!
From there on out it's a matter of opinion, in my eyes.
If you see God as a presidential type, judgmental type, abusive dad type or anything other than a comforting friend and protector than you've got a messed up perception.

To the kids at the lame concert tonight.... Jesus will not slowly take his caring hand off of you. 

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