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Rainy Days | Guest Post

Ello jaydinn's darling readers!
i'm katie from the wanna be red head!  i was brain stormin it up thinking about what to post and i thought of it. 10 of the best movies to watch on a rainy day! so here goes it.

                                        1. pretty in pink
                                        2. 500 days of summer.
                                        3. once.
                                        4. its kind of a funny story. ( a bit depressing but wonderful.)
                                        5. we bought a zoo.
                                        6. whip it.
                                        7. juno.
                                        8. dan in real life.
                                        9. life as we know it.
                                        10. where the wild things are.
                                               (and i know that 16 candles and breakfast at tiffany's are also wonderful i
                                               just  haven't seen them yet!)

          happy vacationing!

xo katie






Summer Lovin' | Guest Post

Hello lovely chevron rose readers! i'm Hailey from sincerely, hailey here to do a guest post for miss jaydinn while she is vacationing it up. since summer just started for me, and hopefully all of you too i thought i would share some things i am wanting for this season.

first off, sunglasses. tumbleweeds had me from the very start. i am hoping to get these heart
ones for all of the sunny weather.

next, you need the perfect outfit. long skirts + lace tops and floppy hats are my favorite right now. 

this will definitely be on my head by the end of summer. so lovely.

a homemade tent on the beach to watch the sunset? yes please.

and lastly, a yummy drink. like lavender blueberry lemonade!? delicious.

i hope you all have a wonderful summer!




Swap in June???????

Hi Friends!!
I would love to do my small part in helping your blog grow, even if it's just thirty more followers!
Every email i get with the title "I Want To Sponsor" puts me in a wonderful mood for the rest of the day!
Thank you all so much for helping me with my blog!

and hey, it's free!!!!!!

If your interested go to my sponsor page, or email me at Pooknell98@yahoo.com.



SES and MM skipped.

Where I am I don't have Internet, hence using my phone+3G, so I can't surf through pinterest and YouTube for cute things and good music. So until next week I'll be skipping Starry Eyed Saturday and Musical Monday, I delayed my plane ticket so I'll be staying in Florida an extra week.


SES £13

Source: rstyle.me via Tea on Pinterest

lovely urban outfitters dress.

The wonderful First Aid Kit... check them out!

Katie's amazing hair kills me!!

Just the right amount of cheese to be awesome.

now, i am NOT one of those boy crazy teenagers, and blah blah... but he is a beaut with an sweet beard!!

Soooooo simple and wonderfully beautiful!
Source: etsy.com via Jaydinn on Pinterest

Such a good reminder. seriously, in order to be kind to others you need to be kind to yourself.


Travel Pictures

Today we started on our trip to Florida, and I've been instagraming a lot! One of the things I'm excited about for Florida is Outfit Pictures with palm trees. Hehe!!! i'm doing this from my phone so i'll keep it short...I'm going to show you some random travel pictures... Enjoy.
1- at a children's hospital (nothing big...at all) 2- the CUTEST park, it had little stop lights! 4 and 5- the beautiful shadows of the leaves on my legs, it made me want a tattoo.
On our way to the airport.
My dad couldn't stay awake while we were waiting for my sister, it was hilarious!!!
Cute remote, food and food the peep hole. (i hate saying peep hole. sounds so weird.)


MM 12

The Tallest Man On Earth-Thousand Ways
Eeep! i love him and love this song, Katie
Introduced me and Hailey to him awhile back and he has been playing a lot in the house!
The Civil Wars-Poison & Wine
this is such a beautiful song! and it's SOO fun to sing!
Matthew And The Atlas-Within The Rose


SES £12

Oooh! I love this skirt! long skirts are my new obsession! this looks nice for Florida!

I like this! when i was little i was riding in the car with my nanna and a guy pulled out in front of us and she yelled "You jack a$$" and i said no... "Jack Donkey" and now i call people jack donkeys... haha!!

Source: hmr.jp via Jaydinn on Pinterest

I would wear this shirt out! i have nothing else to say!

This outfit sickens me a little. everything together makes me want to climb inside of the picture and steal her clothes.

UGH!!!!! BLUGH!!!! HUGH!!!!! (haha! hugh) these are lovely! they would love my face!;)

Oh! Me and my mom have been wanting to do some felting things for awhile! this would be a good start!


Less blogging for a week.

Okay, so it has been really busy in this house lately. in 3 days we are flying to florida for my Grandma's 90th birthday/family reunion. and we will be there for a week. so right now we are doing tons of laundry and packing, and then when we get there it will be packed with family stuff, and planning for her birthday party, so I bid you adieu (for a week or less) i'm not saying i won't blog at all, it's just.. i'm not promising much in the next week.

p.s. Starry eyed saturday and Musical monday will still be happening.


Paisley Peter Pan | Outfit Post

So if i do outfit posts close together i will not try to update y'all on my life, because it's usually "well today I went on a bike ride ,and blah bler" So on to the outfit.

Add caption
Shirt-Old Navy


MM 11

My posts lately have been very "every other day-ish" and i'm sorry about that! i love going onto blogs and seeing that they have posted a lot, so i have a bunch to read and explore through. i have a few new music obsessions that i would love to share with you all! please listen and enjoy!!
 i LOVE when they roll their eyes, their so into it! and it's such a cool song! i love it a lot!

Young The Giant-Cough Syrup.
 love. just love.

Bon Iver-Minnesota, WI.
 This is not a new obsession, it's an old obsession that keeps living and growing.


SES £11

Holy Shatizzle! Red Velvet Brownies... i can't even handle how delicious these look! i will definitely be trying this soon! YUMMMM!!!

Source: shopruche.com via Jenny on Pinterest

Note to future husband: Please propose to me with one of these. thanks. Macaroons are so pretty and cute!!!

So, i love this a lot!!

I loveeee pretty iPhone cases, like this one! it beautimous!

Oh Taylor, you write songs that were meant for me, and we are style sisters?!?! kidding, well not really! i love her outfit so much! ugh!

I have a plan when we go back to Dresden, i'll set up a "if you let me take your picture i'll give you amazing american candy!!" stand, and i'll have a collage of awesome german people... i just need to get used to taking pictures of strangers. that's a goal of mine!

Source: flickr.com via Lisa on Pinterest

So i have been obsessed with tattoos from a super young age. Kat Von D (was) my idol, and one time we were traveling with these awesome, sweet gutter punk "kids" and they were doing stick and poke tats in my aunts basement that night (that sounds super sketchy, but it wasn't) and the girl offered to do "a dot" on me, and i wanted it soooooo bad but i was 5 or 6 so that would not have worked. haha! anyways, i really want a Swallow Tattoo!!

So True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!

Aren't these adorable!!! aaah! i want them!

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