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Ray LaMontagne- You Are The Best Thing
The Tallest Man On Earth- The Dreamer
John Mayer and Keith Urban- Gravity
Chills at 4:30ish and on


A lot of green | Outfit Post

Dress: Vintage
Broach: Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted 


FF £19 Fall Wears

i want to make a flower crown for every outfit!!

I'm so ready for autumn! I wish it could be autumn and spring all year round! but with no school. boots and sweaters! and the pilgrimage! of course!

That scarf looks so cozy! and her shoes are so cute!

coats, tights, shoes, glasses... everything else.

Source: wanelo.com via Jaydinn on Pinterest

UGH!!! i know a few people (lads & ladies) that have Oxford Boots. and when they wear them i want to smack them, knock them out, take them off of them, and wear them. actually no i don't, i'm not violent. i kindly compliment them, while in my mind i'm stealing them!

Just plain painful.


that sweater.

Birds of a Feather by The Civil Wars on Grooveshark


Everything UO | Outfit Post

So, here is my shopping mercies story. i was scrolling through Instagram the other day (also 2:00 a.m.), and Urban Outfitters put on this picture of the Rookie girls, and Petra Collins was wearing these adorable shoes, and i was like "Ohhh my god! i'm going to search every thrift store for these!!" so the next morning my Aunt called, and she wanted to know if i wanted to go to Manhattan with her, and obviously i said yes. we went to eat and then we went to this cool store in town called Rockstar and Rogers, and i was looking around and then i realized i wanted to look for those shoes (like they would actually be there)and i got excited and turned around, and i spotted them... i picked them up, saw they were MY size! i tried them on and they were PEEEERRRRFFFEEEECCCCTTTT!! i flipped, then i looked on the tag, grabbed my phone, looked up the brand, and of course they were from Urban. they are actually the exact shoes she was wearing except these are white. it was very, very exciting!!!!

Literally everything, from Urban Outfitters.


Instagram (the interesting ones from the past two weeks)

Well, i guess the title kind of sums it up.
since i have nothing planned for today here on The Chevron Rose, i decided to share some Instagram photos. i don't even know if y'all find these interesting at all. but i'll go in faith and share them anyway.
Hannah and Robert came through our neck of the woods, and we met them for breakfast at The Chef. delicious.

I was mushroom hunting in my grandparents yards, and there were a bunch of nasty looking ones, and them i came upon this cute little perfect one.

There is no caption. i don't know... haha.

My beautiful, cute, sweet and hilarious momma. i'm glad i have her.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! After years and years of being taught chords, and then forgetting a few days later, i finally picked up on it! i finally can remember where to put my fingers. finally.

He died for our sins. we don't have to go back to him everyday to ask for forgiveness, that's not freedom, he already forgave us. we're clean.

I got stuck in the boy van. it turned out really fun, once i got passed the loud music and the smell of beef jerky and feet.

Christy... this is for you.

The Royals!!!! :( we didn't win. therefore, no flipping fireworks!

A very late night game of Apples to Apples.

The early morning talks with my dad are the best.

Miss Brittany C. inspired me to wear my boots in the summer. i've missed these navy blue babies!

I have cute siblings! Finny gets VERY into his Dinosaur Documentaries, have no clue how he sits through those!!

Radina's Gelato! ooooooh yum!
Radina's Iced Coffee, also super yummy!


Aaaah! I can't get over these shoes! i'm prepared to wear them with everything!

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