Fun With Hailey | A Photo An Hour

8:00 Slowly woke up and got dressed for the gym.
9:00 Had granola and yogurt, string cheese, cuties and milk for breakfast.
10:00 Got to the gym and became very buff... kidding.
11:00 Took a shower to get the sweaty grossness off... and brushed my teeth at the same time.
12:00 Got out of the shower an hour later. haha. and got dressed for reals
1:00 Went back home and grabbed a few things and headed to Manhattan.
2:00 On our way to Manhattan, and realized you could see the road in my aunts glasses.
3:00 had a quick shopping adventure in Target.
4:00 Had some yumma yumma fro-yo at Orange Leaf.  Red Velvet is my love!!!
5:00 Went back home and painted our nails.
6:00 went to the grocery store and picked up a pizza and cookie dough... Very healthy!!!!
7:00 Yeah so, then we made the pizza and literally ate half a pizza.
8:00 Right after our first almost death experience... if you don't know what i'm talking about, watch our vlog.
9:00 Computer break, blog reading time!!!!!
10:00 Cookiessssss!!!!!!!!!!
11:00 watching THE REST of Leap Year, after the scariness of the night.
Thank you for reading, it was fun taking a picture every hour!!!! we did stay up until midnight, but we were way too tired to take a picture!!!
XoXo Jaydinn

What WE Wore | Outfit Post

Hello all, this week Hailey visited my part of the U.S. and these are the outfits we wore for her first day here.

Jumper-Old Navy
Tights-Forever 21
Both Boots-Justin's
XoXo Jaydinn

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