Alabama... Debreifing

The problem with Alabama is, once I'm there I have no desire, whatsoever to leave.
I don't ever want to get back to my regular routine, in my own town, and my own state.
I just want to stay and couch surf between my friend's houses, I want to stay and be apart of their weekly coffee dates, I want to go to The Wolnski's every sunday afternoon and be around the people that make me happiest... but since I can't, I will go back, to my old routine, but I'll go with a sense of joy, and fulfillment, because not living around all of those people and places, makes it even more special when I do get to visit, and it makes My regular world seen more... happy.

Everything I'm writing seems really dramatic, because I'm tired, and i have to type quietly and slowly since I'm in a room full of sleeping humans, but the whole thing, in my mind is dramatic, maybe it's because I'm so dramatic that it makes everything else seem so. But instead of dragging on words of drama, I'll just show you the pictures from my trip. I've been in Alabama for almost two months, so some of these are on the older side...

(side note) When I read this post, the voice in my head is the old British man who narrates the Narnia books on tape. he's my favourite old dude.


Thankful For...

I'm currently thankful for,
Hope + Family
My Parents
My Siblings
Nice People
50 mm Lenses
Rock Climbing Gyms


When I Was Told By Jesus All Was Well.

This is what I believe. this is just my thoughts, and it's not me being judgemental or anything.

I think it's obvious.
 obvious that everything didn't just appear.
obvious that this world was created by the most amazing artist.
All you have to do is look at your hands, at all their veins and bones, and know that something... someone amazing took time molding them, molding us. 
look at the sky and the shapes the clouds make, and the beautiful colours of the fall leaves.
I can't even begin to imagine my life without believing in Jesus.
without him, we have no pure happiness.
Though christian is the word most people use to describe themselves as a believer, it's also a word that is used against non-believers... a word that makes people scoff, and automatically think you're going to judge them or try to make them believe in something they don't think they want to believe in, and then they retaliate and go the opposite way, when as humans all we really want, whether we know it or not is to believe in a bigger...something. Every religion, even atheists, look for something to give everything reason. i think everyone really knows the truth... i think labeling
  what you believe is what we think we're supposed to do, when we should just love and accept each other, because that is showing people Jesus... he is love, acceptance, beauty, everything...


The Instas

So, originally we were only suppost to be in Alabama for a mere two weeks, every monday we've said we were going to leave, but every sunday pushed it back another week. 
I have to say I couldn't be happier with that decision. 
After the walk, i got so depressed... like crying about everything, every memory, every picture, every...everything. Katie and Hailey wanted me to go to school with them and I was actually really scared about it, but the day came where i had planned to go, and by that time I needed to be around people. 
The walk was like eating a lot of chocolate, and enjoying it thoroughly... then after the four days of european chocolate eating is over, it's like puking. mental and emotional throw up. 
I went to their school, and loved it. i've been homeschooled my entire life (except 5 days in new mexico... but that doesn't count) So public school really, REALLY scares me. I'm in some ways sheltered. 
Example... maybe...
Katie, Hailey and I have come to the conclusion that we have no understanding of flirting. like at all. no understanding or way of seeing it when it's happening. we've had a few run-ins with teenage boys, starbucks barista boys, skater boys and what have you. but people have thought we were flirting when we of course weren't. is giggling flirting now? or what about being nice? ugh... any ways. it turned out that the school was not at all what I thought. there are five people in their class, and everyone is nice... and they sing the beatles. like really? we sang yellow submarine the first morning i was there. plus it's not public school... it's private community school, so big difference. 
What i'm building up to is the pictures. there is more, but these are the more interesting ones.
p.s. these are not in order at all. because I'm lazy.

Dumpling Fest 2012, Hope, Hailey, Katie and I went to Cracker Barrel, and had a dumpling fest. there were 13 bowls of them on that table. we stuffed ourselves in dough, we went to see
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and cried our eyes out.

Milo and my (weird) worst fear...s. don't ask me why i'm. scared of taxidermy... i have no idea.

Painting and Drinking hot cocoa on a day alone. 

Out of the whole room of weird things they decided to label the water bucket. okay...

And this is when we stuffed ourselves with pizza and almost died from excitement.

After The Lumineers... Mellon collie, floating on a cloud sort of day.

Flash back to the first day of the pilgrimage. ready to walk. we did not look as cheery at the end of the day.

Here is the story, their friends, their cute friends, they don't want to marry each other, i think they should. (Sorry Katie)

After going to Chick-fil-a annnnnd Starbucks for the 5th time, looked over the pretty city of Birmingham.

Yeah, we were trying to stop laughing long enough to actually fall asleep, we though Sam could help. he did.

Mushroom hunting at Red Mountain. so fun!

Last minute movie excursion. 

Bill was singing about thrifting. have still yet to go.

Today at church the littlest Wolnski coloured with us. she finally sat with me... she said she had to think about it. She also said Jesus looks like a girl and she WOULD NOT draw faces on her brothers because she swore they didn't have any.

So the opening band for The Lumineers was called Paper Bird, and the most attractive member of The Lumineers played keyboard for both bands for that show. after the paper bird's set, he reached down from the stage and handed ME the set list and told me to get it signed. i seriously was shaking so, so, so, so, so, so bad! it was amazing.

We worked up the nerve to give fake names at starbucks, we had to practice not laughing. I was Plum... and the lady said  had a cute name.. i felt so bad. i really hope none of them reads Bleubird!

The Best Besties. 

Katie rockin' the Jo!

Sweet River, and Sweet Tea. it's bama y'all.

After a night of socializing and awkward conversations...

A nature walk at nomad's land alone on the mellon colley day.

ALLLLLL of the walkers.

A very full bus.

Worship at the Wolnski's... a seriously amazing family.

Pickle Party in the Pantry tradition.

After the Lumineers, katie whistled AND played a song for a guy in the opening band. plus Stelth was awesome.

I'll be back soon....

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