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1. Cutest freaking cookies ever!
 2. I love this so much!
 3. Scalloped shoes!!!!
 4. BROWNIE BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, now i want a brownie!
 5. Me and My Mom need to do this to our piece of junky apple computer!
 6. I'm dying my hair pink for easter, yes, yes i am!
 7. That happened to me, and i cried, hard.
 8. True. don't understand cars! i frickin' love bikes!
 9. Zooey.... I love you!
 10. James, is a stylin' lady!!!!!
 11. Aaaaaaaaah, i'm a little to excited about wearing dresses this spring!!!!!

Happy, happy spring peoples!!


Sorry, Again

I just can't help it,
i have to much fun designing headers!

I get board easily, but i promise, from NOW on, i will only change small things.

Colorado, March 2012

The Start Of None Hiking Pictures.

For Hailey, and me.

Torturing myself at Anthropologie

And the Apple Store

Eating lovely frozen yogurt in the mountains

Also for Hailey

The yummiest chocolate!

I wanted these so bad!!!!

Whenever i eat razzles i think of 13 Going On 30

Catching up on my reading (i'm done now)
These were all pictures of our Colorado trip over St. Patty's day weekend, for my dad's birthday.
We hiked 4-ish miles up a mountain to a lake, and we all felt like we were going to die!
The second day my Dad, Jason and Staci broke off from the group and Me, My Mom and my siblings went shopping.
It was very fun, and i'm even more in love with Boulder now!
Next time we go i want to try out Snowboarding!



I think it truly spring.

The weather here has been purely blissful!
I've got my bike out, and it's been in use every single day!
I'm just gonna put some springy pictures on, in hopes that you will look at them ;)

This one is my favourite!

Happy Spring,

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