SES £8

Source: polyvore.com via Jaydinn on Pinterest2.uhu
1. Cutest freaking cookies ever!
 2. I love this so much!
 3. Scalloped shoes!!!!
 4. BROWNIE BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, now i want a brownie!
 5. Me and My Mom need to do this to our piece of junky apple computer!
 6. I'm dying my hair pink for easter, yes, yes i am!
 7. That happened to me, and i cried, hard.
 8. True. don't understand cars! i frickin' love bikes!
 9. Zooey.... I love you!
 10. James, is a stylin' lady!!!!!
 11. Aaaaaaaaah, i'm a little to excited about wearing dresses this spring!!!!!

Happy, happy spring peoples!!

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