Dirt Roads, and Coca Cola | Outfit Post

Hi People!
I have been like the worst blogger ever these past few weeks! I have been doing things on my blog, but not posting anything.
i have the week scheduled out, so i'll have a post on everyday except sunday. i have been kind of, "live in the moment" lately, and not taking pictures of everything as usual, which in some ways is refreshing. but i do love my camera... so i'll get out again tomorrow. haha!
they recently started carrying Mexican Coke at our little grocery store... and i can't get enough of it! it tastes like the coke in Germany, which might sound strange, but here in the flipping U.S. we put loads of high fructose corn syrup in it, while there and there (hehe) they put REAL sugar in it. which makes it taste soooooo much better.

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