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So at the moment me and my family are living in my aunts basement, We did live in a very big house but we are a lot happier in a smaller space! So this is my little place and around it!!! There's not THAT much natural light so sorry if the pictures aren't up to par!

Thanks for looking :)
XoXo Jaydinn

Flowers and Cowboy Boots | Outfit Post

Jumper-Old Navy
Shirt-T.J. Maxx
Tights-Can't remember

HAHA! This is definitely a sillier outfit post! But i like it!!
I discovered Lookbook.nu awhile ago, and sort of forgot about it or was just too lazy to click upload.
But tonight i uploaded this first picture on there! and i'm excited to get back in the groove of fun outfits!
XoXo Jaydinn.

SES £4

1. Jemaine (From Flight Of The Concords) 
(to the right) Tim!!!!!! 


2. A super cute Scout Inspired Bow Tie... That i will be trying out in the near future!!!!
3. Oh Miss Katie Shelton!!!! I have recently found myself needing crazy cute tights! Like i feel like i can't complete an outfit without them! And not only are the tights sweet, but the shoes! oh lawd!!!!!!!!!
4. This is just so cute! I love the colours together!!!!! period.
5. AAAAAAAH! These are adorable!!!! i'm on a search for plugs or tunnels right now!!! these are on my wishlist! p.s. If you "click" you won't see more ;)
6. one more scream.... AAAAAAAH! This bunny has freakin' cute style! ;) IN LOVE!
7. Alright Kaylah, why do you have to be so adorable?!?!?! time to test out my nail polish collection!
8. UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i SO need this!!!
                                                    I can't remember where i found this!!!
9. Obsessed with my Bestie's blog! (i have never said Bestie!
10. In March HaileyKatie and I are planning a fun hair dying partay!!! and i finally found a picture of a girl with Yellow hair with cute style!!!! plus, she is in my love, BERLIN! I don't want people thinking i'm trying to look like Lady Gaga! that's THE LAST thing i want going through people's heads!!! 

Love Ya'll!
XoXo Jaydinn.

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