Home Again...

it's been 3 weeks since the Pilgrimage and Alabama and in a way it's sad but in another way it's exciting cause the longer it's been since the trip the shorter the wait gets... anyway We are decorating for Christmas in my room and even though Thanksgiving has not even come yet WHO CARES it's fun!! turkey photo not mine



So, during the Pilgrimage i made the two most amazing friends and since one lives in europe and alabama we can't always see eachother, and when the time came to say goodbye we all had breakdowns. it was one of the most sadest and happiest moments of my life. the first thing that happend was that we were all praying for this woman that walked with us and we were laying hands on her and it was really powerful, so hailey and i were first crying because of that and then when everything was over and we had to say our goodbyes we really started crying... really i had no idea what was happening to me we were sobbing and laughing and praying and then she had left her bag in the trunk of my grandma's car and when we went out side it started pooring rain and it was like the ending of a sad movie but the beginning of an awesome friendship.


Girls Day.

Hailey Abigail Hannah and I had a girls day with the amazing Tina Nord ~Love You~ We went to the park for us to drop off her garbage and it had rained the night before so there were puddles under the swings and we were pumping and i splashed myself and i was wet for awhile. then we went to the lovely Chick-Fil-A and we saw a News Paper and we were on the front page!!! so we went around town and picked up a few to take back to the land. then we went to the mall (after i almost puked) we went to clairs and got Best friend necklaces and a off white cardigan to go back and forth between Europe, Alabama and Kansas like the sister hood of the Traveling pants but in this case traveling cardigan. then on to Bath and Body Works we went to buy cute cupcake hand sanitizer and Carriers for them and to try on lip gloss... again i say "Girls Day" Then we went to Books a Million and back to nomad's land. now we are doing henna, praying together and watching a movie!! photos not mine, Tina Nord


We just walked 45 freaking miles!!! it was amazing! and i made amazing new friends! we counted at least 18 dead animals on the side of the road, and we are kind of famous... well only in alabama, we had people screaming out their windows-waving-taking pictures and all that stuff. we talked and had awesome prayer time together, andwhen we yelled "jesus loves you" it was either the evil eye or a "Thank god!" and if it was an evil eye guess what we did???? prayed for them. why does praying feel so fulfilling? God is doing so much in my heart and in everyone else, i am so thankful to be here right now with old friends and new ones! this has been an experience i will always cherish!



A few weeks ago we were driving and and this sunset was there all of a sudden :) well, look!


Photo Survey.

1- Favorite Hobby?


2-Favorite TV show?

3-Favorite restaurant food?

Chick-fil-a chicken.

4-Favorite thing to shop for?


5- favorite animal

Fat little birds

6-Favorite song?

Winter winds/little lion man (without the F word)

7- favorite word?

8-Favorite YouTube video?

9-Favorite movie?

lost in austen and many many more!

10- Favorite memory

All the the trips on the bus. Xoxo Jaydinn photos not mine


April 30th...

This is the T-shirt we got for finishing the race!
We finished the 5K!! i felt like i was going to pass out, but i did not thank you jesus!! :) and then we went to garage sales and then went bowling! the longest day ever! i screamed till my head almost popped off {for good and various reasons}. swung the bowling ball back it slipped and hit my cousins feet and i broke my thumb nail off doing so... high lights of april 30th 2010! <3



Today we Mourn the loss of a dear friend! Jesse Cooper Buono, he lived with us on a bus for awhile... he tought me and my friend one of our first skateboard tricks when we were like 5 :( 10,000 tears have fallen to the ground!


Baby Man...

My brother has been sick the last few days and today he has been feeling alot better he has been acting like him self dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba (his favorite show) at one point he got mad and walked over to the coffee table picked up the remote and threw it on the ground it was very funny! he has got the sweetest little face! he is ssoooo cute! 18 months old, cutest little baby boy IN THE WORLD! i love him like "crazzzy"! (say it in the nacho libre voice!)


My father my silly silly father! i love him so freakin' much!

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