Okay, I'm sorry if you don't want to watch 1 million videos... but i have a few songs i need to share with you... these are my song/video obsessions at this very moment.
  Well, what are your current music obsessions? XoXo Jaydinn

Video Project | February 3rd

Here is the fourth installment of my month long video project.
Blog Project 3 from Jaydinn Miller on Vimeo.
XoXo Jaydinn

SES £2

This print is so cute and so true! i'm glad i love riding my bike!!! cant wait for spring!!!

Video Project | February 2nd

So.... i am SO excited to share the photos from this day!!  but i'm still in the process of editing them... so i guess here is sort of a sneak peak, it was so fun to have my mom make us look like we just stepped back in time!! Blog Project 3 from Jaydinn Miller on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed it! XoXo Jaydinn!!

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