MM 5

Hello, there lovlies!
This past week has been so crazy i have barely had time for blogging!

Thursday night i was up ALL night, and every night since then i've went to bed at 2:00 or later!

I have so many pictures that i haven'y loaded on yet, but i'm very excited for all of y'all to see!

and i have something very special happening in April... but i'm not telling yet!

So, obviously today is Monday. yesterday was so beautiful, i spent the whole day on my bike and at the park!

These are some of my current musical loves!
James Vincent McMorrow- We Don't Eat.
i'm in love with his voice! that sweet irish voice!!!!
Theophilus London- Humdrum Town.
i don't listen to this stuff too often, but when i do, it pumps me up!!!!
Gungor- God Is Not A White Man.
Even though it looks like a silly, cute little video, the words are freaking true!
He loves us all, no matter what we do, or have done.
God Is Love.

Thanks for listening to these three very different songs!

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