SES £12

Oooh! I love this skirt! long skirts are my new obsession! this looks nice for Florida!

I like this! when i was little i was riding in the car with my nanna and a guy pulled out in front of us and she yelled "You jack a$$" and i said no... "Jack Donkey" and now i call people jack donkeys... haha!!

Source: hmr.jp via Jaydinn on Pinterest

I would wear this shirt out! i have nothing else to say!

This outfit sickens me a little. everything together makes me want to climb inside of the picture and steal her clothes.

UGH!!!!! BLUGH!!!! HUGH!!!!! (haha! hugh) these are lovely! they would love my face!;)

Oh! Me and my mom have been wanting to do some felting things for awhile! this would be a good start!

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