FF £17

Not to be like weird or anything, but loooook at him! my mom was trying to show me something, so she looked up "beards" on pinterest (which is now saved on the search box because i look it up so much) and this lovely man, and another lovely man popped up, and i couldn't stop giggling. and then my mom was just laughing at me, because i was just starring at a picture giggling... it was a nerd moment for sure!

loveeeee her hair! and her scarf and coat! (her and the lovely above would be cute together! haha!) i know it's weird, but i reallllly can't wait for fall and winter! i'm already ready! mostly fall, and EARLY winter... not the middle where i feel like i'm about to freeze to death when i step out the door. i just want to layer! and where cardigans again! but when it is fall and winter i'm going to want it to be spring and summer. i have issues.

I want these SO bad! like so SO bad!

AAAW! I'm trying very hard to think of a person i could give this to, and who would actually appreciate it! hmmmmmm.

it's just sliiiiightly painful how cute this is!

Harvest Moon (Album Version) by Neil Young on Grooveshark

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