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Hi, hi! I was watching this....
And was painfully inspired by Jade's wonderful outfits in those videos. 
I also ave been wearing it since saturday... and sleeping in it. it's just so dang comfortable! 
And tonight i thought it was about time to change. 
Buttttttttt... here is the outfit. the pants fit better when i first put it on. but hey.

^ That's my little fox friend ^


Oh Happy Day

The main reason (technically) for being in Alabama again is to go to a wonderful wedding.
Gosh, it was beautiful. right now I'm patiently waiting, checking facebook every few minutes for the photo booth pictures. I know there are some hilarious ones in that bunch. I took a few pictures in between looking at cute babies and drinking a lot of sweet tea with numb hands and feet.



FF £23

Source: etsy.com via Jaydinn on Pinterest

Ahem.. *phone screensaver*

Source: zara.com via Jaydinn on Pinterest

Ohhhhh Child! I seriously based my outfit on her today!

Mumford and Sons can make my heart leap in an instant.

Dude! you're killing me!

This makes me seriously happy. it's my computer screensaver.

Source: etsy.com via Jaydinn on Pinterest

I want my little girl to have that hair!


Crystal Bridges Art Museum

Well, if you're ever near Fayetteville Arkansas go to this museum, please? between coffee shops and outlet malls, art museums are one of my very, very favourites! this one is so clean, beautiful architecture (coffee shop and free wifi inside) uh-may-zing art and sweet people. have you ever seen Aeon Flux? well, if you have and you have a crazy, active imagination like me, you can easily pretend you're her with guards after you and your cells being recreated... but if you haven't seen that movie you'll be spared the terrifying thought. on to (some of) my favourite pieces in the museum.

(Put this song on, and go back over the pictures slowly)

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