Hi Y'all! I'm a young girl living in the heart of america, and i'm ready to get out.
When i was younger i lived on a Double Decker School Bus with my family... (blood and in love) and we traveled around the country going to Rainbow Gatherings and Festivals and such sharing jesus with people, and i don't have any bad memories, i just remember playing with my friends and dancing. to this day i still love the smell of diesel, the sound of an engine and the feel of a Flying Jay late at night!

I really and truly adore finding little treasures at Thrift Stores, and putting together cute outfits every morning, until the occasional breakdown when i feel hideous in everything i put on! hah!

I made the choice to become a Vegetarian in early December 2011,I really don't like meat anyway! I hate the thought of eating something with a face... it's just weird! And i think that the vegan chik'n nuggets are even better than real chicken... and i don't feel un-healthy when i eat them because they are made out of veggies!

P.A.Q ;)

What kind of camera do you use?
right now i use a Canon 550D, i love it! But let me tell ya, it took a lot of workin' for me to get it!
who takes your pictures?
my Mom, Sister and myself with a tripod.
how long have you been blogging?
For about 2 years, since February 2010
How many piercings do you have?
i wear jewelry in 3 holes. but all together i have 9, sometimes i really miss my little lip ring!!!
How tall are you?
i'm 5'5"... i think. i hope to grow more! haha!
Why did you start your blog? 
i started reading Elsie's blog, and thought "oh my gosh! why don't i already have a blog???" so i went and created one! but it took me a while to get it the way I wanted it to look!!!
How many times have you changed your header?
embarrassing!! Six or more times...

HEY READERS!!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking for more questions, so i can have  FAQ page instead of a PAQ page!! :) haha!!!!

Random Loves!
-Sleepy Time Tea
-Pretty Mushrooms
-Old Cameras
-Vintage Shoes, Dresses, Blankets, Jewelry, Couches... most everything.
-Doing Crafty things! it gives me joy!
-Rock Climbing
-Listening to Music... for hours
-Taking tons of pictures until i'm overwhelmed 
-Cute Pajamas
-Coffee Houses
-Tourist Books about Germany
-Bubble Gum
-Russian Nesting Dolls
-Annoying people and Apologizing ;)
-Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins, Ukeleles, Drums
-Floral Scarves 
-Unnatural Hair Colours
-Reading and Writing blogs
-Playing Music
-Singing loudly
-Italian Soda
-Leaving for a trip late at night
-Dancing to pretty music
-Cat Eye Eyeliner
-Beaches, warmish beaches at sunset! cheesy?
-Non Alcoholic Strawberry Cocktails!
-Folk Music.....
and most of all, Jesus!

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