FF £21

Beautiful outfits! 

Oh my gahhhh! i want to be best friends!!!!!!

captions aren't needed.

Aaaw! So sweet!!!!

Source: asuyeta.com via Jaydinn on Pinterest

love this look! i can never get my bandana to look so smooth.

I know, know, know that if i resist the urge to cut my hair, i can get it this long! 

SO flipping ready for fall! it's killing me!!!

Sure do!!!!!

These look just plain magical! 

Oil & Lavender by Nathaniel Rateliff on Grooveshark

The 70's Child In Me | Outfit Post

Hello Blog Readers!!
I sincerely apologize for not being here! I have been very busy, doing what i have no idea. i'll show you some of my busyness later in the week. but until then i'm going to show you my bell bottoms. the same bell bottoms i haven't taken off in 4 days. love them!

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