This year I...

So, right now i am totally copying Kaylah from The Dainty Squid (www.daintysquid.blogspot.com) So, This Year I...
Got super into Photography...
Got to hang out with my two best friends at the same time for the first time!
Had amazingly fun times with my family!
Went on my first Mission Trip, and had an awesome time!
GOT MY BRACES OFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!! Best day (not ever:)
went to a Wonderful Wutke Wedding :) They are moving to Australia january 8th :( :)
Walked 45 miles in Alabama for the second time.
Opened up an Etsy shop with my Best friend Hailey :)
Flew on a plain by myself for the first time!
Went to a different side of florida
Gave a fake name to the poor barista man at Starbucks! fun!!
Saw Elenowen, then met them! Josh and Nicole were super sweet!
Had my amazing big family come for Christmas! 2011 was a fabulous year! and i am so thankful to had been able to share it with the people i did! Happy 2012!! XoXo Jaydinn <3



After the Pilgrimage i went back to my home, and then about two weeks later went straight back, but first i went Tennessee, 2 reasons. 1 being that the tickets were cheaper, 2 being that i love the people i got to stay with, and they were already going then so it worked out perfectly! So i got on the plane (by myself) and our friends Hannah and her husband Robert picked me up in Nashville, and we drove to Franklin, but before we got to the house we had to go to the Goodwill there, i got some cute stuff, and i spent a good % of my money... So we got to the house and all the guys headed down early, The girls stayed to wait for my friend Caleb to get done with a football thing, he got home around 12:00 a.m. that night/morning, so while waiting up for him we had a girls night, we ate Dinner, and then Hannah realized she forgot something so we just had to got to Target, obviously none of us minded, so at Target i found more cute stuff, which meant even less money... We had a lot of fun! then we watched a cheesy teeny bopper movie, the next morning we had bagels and hit the road... we saw a creepy guy in the middle of the road, listened to music and got car sick... when we got there i jumped out of the car and screamed! We all went to thrift stores, ate together, hung out at a Coffee Shop and had a Talent Show by the fire, sadly the Ellis' left soon after, i can't even begin to tell you everything that happened on that trip, but i can share a lot of pictures if you are willing to look at all of them!
The donut i had before the plane ride, and the view from the plane :)
The first picture is all of us at the table eating... and the HUGE fan in the Mexican Restaurant.
This is a picture Caleb took of Hailey and I, He wanted to test out the old fuji.
The fiahhhhhhhhh! the talent show was about to happen at that point.
Playing in the leaves :)
My almost 3 year old cousin, cutey face! i had a Tea Party with her tonight :)
A pretty view from the top of a smallish mountain! Thanks for reading all about my trip! Xoxo Jaydinn :)


Late Post... Pilgrimage Pictures

So, back in October we did a 45 mile walk in Alabama, i blogged about it a bit last october and i blogged this year on Paper Dolls, so here are a few special pictures i took.
This is Sean and Rain-man talking on the side of the road, i do really love this picture! i think it's beautiful in many different ways!
This is The Blister Bus (The Bird Song Cafe') My dad painted it and pretty much built it, and for awhile it was a Cafe' but now it's in alabama and people stay in it from time to time.
This was taken by Aaron, it is Hailey, Me and Sarah...
This is the wonderful Helen! She decided she was going to just run through the fields while we were walking! Thanks for the great photo ops Helen!!!!
Hah! i took this picture by holding my arms up as high as i could and i like it!!
This is my Uncle Josh, he wasn't trying to pose as god, in fact he didn't know i was taking his picture!
Aaaaw! I looove this picture! i love when my pictures turn out over exposed like this! This is Shilah and adorable son River! if you looked in my camera most of the pictures from the pilgrimage would have been of that sweet baby!
Here is another one of my favourites! River and his Papa Cody! they are such a cute family!
This picture is of most of the walkers, and it's also slightly over exposed! love!
This picture was taken by my cousin Ari, he had wanted to take a picture the whole walk! i finally said he could and i really like the picture! Me and Hailey!
Here is another picture of even more of the walkers! I can't wait for next years Pilgrimage! Go out and walk a few miles, you don't have to walk 45 unless you want to! but it feels so good! XoXo Jaydinn!!!


New Day, Same Dreams

All i can think about today is "Germany, Germany, Germany... London, London, London" i seriously NEED to get out of the USA... blah, i want to go shop in H&M again... but no, not the american H&M the cheap, wonderful, German H&M... and Zara. Sorry i'm losing myself in dream. i got this adorable shirt at Zara (i got an xxs in kids) because i was a tiny 9 year old, and of course sadly it doesn't fit me anymore, now it's my 7 year old sister's. it's not that i have anything against the U.S. at all, but i don't want to be american. haha! i want a cool accent that i don't have to fake. oh dear... My cousin Janessa and I sometimes go a whole day using british accents, and it is super fun... when i was 5 i used to want to go to England and fake an accent, but one day i realized that they can tell if a 5 year old was doing a terrible mockery of their accent. i feel like i'm being selfish, because tons of people don't ever get to leave the U.S. but i did... ugh. My other cousin and I have a 'London Fund' and i already have 18 dollars sittin' in it... haha! this was a pointless blog post for anyone else but myself... Sorry for that. but thank you for reading anyways- Kisses Jaydinn


A Jesus Day! Heart!!

So today, Sarah and i have been listening to really good jesus music. and i've been just thirsty for some sweet worship... and this morning at church i got a little taste of it but i wanted more... so we listened to stuff on my iPod but it's just recorded and it didn't feel as refreshing as i wanted. so tonight at Youth Group we pulled weeds out of a lady's garden... and went back to the church, and usually it's only My youth pastor and her brother that do worship, but tonight it was more of some of my favorite people. So we sang about (maybe) 6 songs, and i felt the tears coming, but on the last song (How He Loves- John Mark McMillan) i love that song... so anyways, during the song i was crying for all different reasons one of them being that i could sing really loud. so after it was all over a bunch of us were still recovering from all the crying :) and my cousin was still sitting there with her eyes closed and her head down crying (which made me cry more)and Me and three wonderful ladies prayed for her (might i add i cried even more) it was so super good and just... aaah. you know that cry that just is so refreshing? and you just want to cry more and more. just cry out to Jesus... it just made me so thankful for the people in my life and the opportunity to serve god. It was a good night for me and everyone else in that room. Love you guys! <3


Those "STOP THE CAR" pictures

Here are a few pictures that i took while driving/sitting in the car, I hope you enjoy!

I guess i really like Grain Elevators!

I'm not much of a "Horse Girl" but this one was hard to pass up.

The same beautiful horse. with cow like features :)

I really enjoy looking at this one, and it did not take much editing.

Thank You for reading!



New camera + ME = New love!

I got a Fujifilm Finpix s1800 and i love it, it's my new best friend (sort of), Well here are a few of the pictures i've taken with my friend.
Here is one of a grain elevator.
Here is what looks to be dead flowers.

Here is one of my eye with Yellow, Orange and red eye shadow under it.
This is a Glass Water Globe as my mema says and i like this picture alot!
This is at my friends farm, those are her Polka Dot boots in the right corner, she was climbing up the barn wall.
This is a tree in an open snowy feild, i think the simple things are prettiest.
This is just Wheat or really tall grass (haha)with the sun shining through it.

This is my cousin Sarah pretending to be an old lady in a Wheelchair at
our church.

this is a bunch of my friendship braclets i enjoy making.
This is a windmill without it's top.

This is a Barn with a tree coming out of it (no duh).

This is my friend Allie on the left and her sister Aneleise on the right and a little girl from china they were watching, She asked allie "Does jaydinn like being fashionable" i like her :)
My friends live by train tracks and every so often a train goes by.

This is my friend Allie and the little girl who thinks i'm fashionable walking in a feild by their house.

This is actually a bandaid a pretty sparkly bandaid that i had to take a picture of.
This is just a plant in my living room with paper flowers my mom made on it.

Thank You for reading/looking...
XoXo Jaydinn

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