Bubble Tea | Recipe

If you have an Asian Market close by, that's where you can get the Tapioca Pearls (bubbles) and the straws. 
The bubble bag (haha) i had said "10 cups of water for every 1 cup of pearls" but i put 10 cups per bag. it worked better and faster.
Yes, this looks very gross... but i had to take a picture. 
once the water comes to a boil, poor the bubbles in. when they pop to the top, take them out. try to get as less water as possible.
Make a bowl of simple syrup.
1 cup of Sugar,
1 cup of Hot Water.
 If this is for a party, store the bubbles in the syrup. and spoon a tablespoon, to a cup in your drink when your ready.
These are the lovely straws.
I like them in-
An iced mocha,
an Italian Soda
Chai Tea,

Dirty Chai! oh the goodness of it!

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