So, during the Pilgrimage i made the two most amazing friends and since one lives in europe and alabama we can't always see eachother, and when the time came to say goodbye we all had breakdowns. it was one of the most sadest and happiest moments of my life. the first thing that happend was that we were all praying for this woman that walked with us and we were laying hands on her and it was really powerful, so hailey and i were first crying because of that and then when everything was over and we had to say our goodbyes we really started crying... really i had no idea what was happening to me we were sobbing and laughing and praying and then she had left her bag in the trunk of my grandma's car and when we went out side it started pooring rain and it was like the ending of a sad movie but the beginning of an awesome friendship.

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  1. i just read this. i had butterflies in my stomach and now im crying.


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