This year I...

So, right now i am totally copying Kaylah from The Dainty Squid (www.daintysquid.blogspot.com) So, This Year I...
Got super into Photography...
Got to hang out with my two best friends at the same time for the first time!
Had amazingly fun times with my family!
Went on my first Mission Trip, and had an awesome time!
GOT MY BRACES OFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!! Best day (not ever:)
went to a Wonderful Wutke Wedding :) They are moving to Australia january 8th :( :)
Walked 45 miles in Alabama for the second time.
Opened up an Etsy shop with my Best friend Hailey :)
Flew on a plain by myself for the first time!
Went to a different side of florida
Gave a fake name to the poor barista man at Starbucks! fun!!
Saw Elenowen, then met them! Josh and Nicole were super sweet!
Had my amazing big family come for Christmas! 2011 was a fabulous year! and i am so thankful to had been able to share it with the people i did! Happy 2012!! XoXo Jaydinn <3

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