Alabama... Debreifing

The problem with Alabama is, once I'm there I have no desire, whatsoever to leave.
I don't ever want to get back to my regular routine, in my own town, and my own state.
I just want to stay and couch surf between my friend's houses, I want to stay and be apart of their weekly coffee dates, I want to go to The Wolnski's every sunday afternoon and be around the people that make me happiest... but since I can't, I will go back, to my old routine, but I'll go with a sense of joy, and fulfillment, because not living around all of those people and places, makes it even more special when I do get to visit, and it makes My regular world seen more... happy.

Everything I'm writing seems really dramatic, because I'm tired, and i have to type quietly and slowly since I'm in a room full of sleeping humans, but the whole thing, in my mind is dramatic, maybe it's because I'm so dramatic that it makes everything else seem so. But instead of dragging on words of drama, I'll just show you the pictures from my trip. I've been in Alabama for almost two months, so some of these are on the older side...

(side note) When I read this post, the voice in my head is the old British man who narrates the Narnia books on tape. he's my favourite old dude.

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