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Today (Wednesday) me and Sarah went to the CCMS (Clay County Middle School) to "Test Software" for an Online School... well, here is my day.
8:00 am, Waking up.

9:00 am. Showered, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten and picking out an outfit for the day.

10:00 am. After getting dressed, doing my makeup and hair and doing Sarah's makeup, i did her nails while watching My Strange Addiction (guilty)

11:00 am. After doing a few random things we went to Wendy's for lunch.

12:00 pm. Then we headed to CCMS and checked out the school stuff

1:00 pm. Still doing school-y stuff... and wearing huge headphones.

2:00 pm. Looking at pictures and waiting to leave the school.
3:00 pm. Back at the house we relaxed and watch Once Upon A Time while i read blogs.

4:00 pm. Figuring out new blog features and special things.

5:00 pm. Blogging up a storm... and catching up on my videos for my special project.
 So after reading this post myself i realized it looks like i spend a lot of my days behind some sort of screen, I usually don't... but i guess today i sort of did.
Lately i have really been into fitness, not hardcore fitness, just the healthy kind! haha!
Thanks for looking and reading!!!!
XoXo Jaydinn

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