Happy Valentines Day!
Without Love, what would we have? today i'm trying to focus on the meaning of love.. i love that there are so many different kinds of love,

There Is Romantical Love :)
The Kind that makes you laugh and cry, and though i have never personally felt this kind of love, i'm excited to find that one person that makes my heart flutter like that.

There Is Friendly Love.

There are so many different kinds of Love, but it all comes from one person, one spirit, one that will love us no matter what happens in our life, the one that has unfailing love for us, no matter if you believe it or not, there is one pure, amazing, wonderful Love... and i thank him for giving me all the lovely people in my life, people he put in my life to love.
I thank him for giving me my parents, and friends and everyone, to love and be loved by. 

 I hope you have a very happy Valentines Day!
XoXo Jaydinn :D


  1. this is one of my favorite post EVER by ANYONE.

  2. You make me too happy!

  3. seriously, this is so wonderful.


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