Vintage Love | Outfit Post

           Head to Toe
               Cardigan-Old Navy
                  Dress-Vintage (lovvvve)
                  Tights-Forever 21

Yesterday my Mom and siblings went to our local museum, and outside the museum is this awesome old school ambulance.. thus, an outfit post by yours truly...
This week i have a lot planned for XoXo Jaydinn!!!! and i'm super excited... in fact, check in later tonight for more posts about my day (yesterday) and my day today!!!!
plus i'm doing a new project, i love and have loved taking little clips of video through out the day, then putting it together with music i like and making a cute little video, so i am going to be doing that everyday for 1 month... i have made three already, but not posted them, so that's why there is going to be a lot more posts even tonight! 
XoXo Jaydinn :)

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