Can't hold it in any longer!!!!

I have been trying to hold in my excitement for THE HUNGER GAMES, or at least on the internet... but when i realized i was in love with a fictional character, i realized i should let it out. I LOVE PEETA!!!! That was not even as close as i am in person, i think i actually started to annoy people when i kept saying "did you say peeta?" and "OH MY KATNISS" instead of Oh My Goodness... (total accident!)

Yesterday, my cousin and i took a trip to the upstairs of our local thrift store, and got Reaping Dresses. yes we are going that far with it! and then went to a youth lock-in at our church and stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!! We got to the building at 6:30pm and left at 7:00am... without sleeping. so right now i'm totally dead to the world!

I just felt like i needed to post today before i get caught up in Panem...



Thanks for letting me know whats on your mind! I love to hear it! :)

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