So i pretty much hate winter after the holidays! and so when i start to see flowers and budding leaves are jump for joy!  Kansas has had the strangest winter this year! snowing one day and warm the next day, so when it's warm and stays warm, it's a good time!

I'm so excited for all photo ops this spring! and with my new camera everything will look prettier than last year!

We are going back to florida in May for my Grandma's 90th birthday!!!! and so i will probably die of heat exhaustion!!!!

When ever i have only 1 to 2 pictures to share i feel like i need to fit a lot of words in, and most of the time i'm more excited about sharing my life in photos instead of words, but i guess that's fine. haha!

so, with saying that i will share to springy photos!!!

I hope you all have a fantasticly lovely spring time!!!!!!!!!


(i'm slightly excited!)

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