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Ello jaydinn's darling readers!
i'm katie from the wanna be red head!  i was brain stormin it up thinking about what to post and i thought of it. 10 of the best movies to watch on a rainy day! so here goes it.

                                        1. pretty in pink
                                        2. 500 days of summer.
                                        3. once.
                                        4. its kind of a funny story. ( a bit depressing but wonderful.)
                                        5. we bought a zoo.
                                        6. whip it.
                                        7. juno.
                                        8. dan in real life.
                                        9. life as we know it.
                                        10. where the wild things are.
                                               (and i know that 16 candles and breakfast at tiffany's are also wonderful i
                                               just  haven't seen them yet!)

          happy vacationing!

xo katie





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