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Holy Shatizzle! Red Velvet Brownies... i can't even handle how delicious these look! i will definitely be trying this soon! YUMMMM!!!

Source: shopruche.com via Jenny on Pinterest

Note to future husband: Please propose to me with one of these. thanks. Macaroons are so pretty and cute!!!

So, i love this a lot!!

I loveeee pretty iPhone cases, like this one! it beautimous!

Oh Taylor, you write songs that were meant for me, and we are style sisters?!?! kidding, well not really! i love her outfit so much! ugh!

I have a plan when we go back to Dresden, i'll set up a "if you let me take your picture i'll give you amazing american candy!!" stand, and i'll have a collage of awesome german people... i just need to get used to taking pictures of strangers. that's a goal of mine!

Source: flickr.com via Lisa on Pinterest

So i have been obsessed with tattoos from a super young age. Kat Von D (was) my idol, and one time we were traveling with these awesome, sweet gutter punk "kids" and they were doing stick and poke tats in my aunts basement that night (that sounds super sketchy, but it wasn't) and the girl offered to do "a dot" on me, and i wanted it soooooo bad but i was 5 or 6 so that would not have worked. haha! anyways, i really want a Swallow Tattoo!!

So True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!

Aren't these adorable!!! aaah! i want them!

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