Florida | Outfit Post

This is actually the second outfit post i did in florida, it was so busy, i had no time to make people take pictures of me or take pictures of myself. In the other post i look WEIRRRRD! but i like my hair, and i'm holding a cute baby, so i will post it anyway. Right now i'm being lazy, and listening to The Swell Season, and waiting for 7:00 to roll around for Coffee House.

In these photos i'm in my uncles back yard, and my friend Sarah Ruth was taking these pictures, and when we went down to the "water" we heard my aunt saying "SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!" so i had a little panic attack, and ran back to the house as fast as possible, screaming and such. and it turned out that they were joking. jerks.


  1. ooh, i love those shoes :)

    1. I geeked out baaaad when I found them!


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