Happy 4th... the Instagrams

here's the weird thing... after i put my picture on instagram i was looking through other people's firework photos, and i came across my friend Brock's picture, and i was like "wow, that really cool" and then i realized it looked a lot like mine, so i started comparing them, and i got weirded out, so i showed my mom, and she thought it was pretty weird, and so she showed my dad, and he was flipping out. so if you really analyze the pictures like everyone in this house did, you will see that we took the pictures at the same time. obviously the picture below is his. and obviously i think it's pretty weird since i said weird 1 million times.
Not my picture.

my festive outfit.

My freaking amazing Nanna beating teenage boys at basketball... she is 64.

My sweet Papa eating delicious Ice Cream, at the end of the night i couldn't even think of that ice cream without feeling quite pukey.

My very patriotic Snow Cone.

My fuzzy brother.

I actually don't know silhouette that is. but i like it.

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