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This is one of my Polyvore "creations", what i do on Polyvore is, i take an album i really like, and try to base the outfit on the colours of the album cover. it's a really fun outlet for me.

I'm in love with the Five Ways To Wear it posts on A Beautiful Mess. my favourite has to be a toss up between this one and "Feminine Meets Grunge" Lovvveeee!

I can't even begin to tell you how much i hate math! flash cards: hate them. counting money: hate it! pretty much anything past basic addition: hate it! me and math have a very bad relationship.



Sometimes i feel like Jess is me, just 10+ years older. 

Well, this picture just happens to say what i was going to end this post with.

Wagon Wheel by Mumford & Sons on Grooveshark


  1. side note: c.s. lewis is misquoted, he actually never said that, another author did.

    1. Oh! Which author? Eh, I live the quote either way :)

    2. Love... Not live.

  2. Anonymous13.8.12

    I just found your blog! It's adorable!! :) I love the idea of the CD and outfit thing...I might have to try that sometime. And I'm digging the grunge still, too! :D


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