So, i haven't blogged in exactly one month... Even though i didn't say anything, i wanted one month off to clear my head and rest. I was having this weird mid-life (not mid) crisis, where i was mad at everything and everyone for trying to be something they weren't and aren't... mostly on social sites. i'm really into real people. i don't care if you're a bitch, just be real about who you are, don't try to be cool in some way. Image was the word that kept coming to me... when people try to put a different image on... pinterest, facebook, blogs, instagram... every social networking site i'm on and involved with i see someone who i know, acting like someone i don't know.

I also got an insanely weird and creepy anonymous comment on one of my posts... it made me re-think what i post, and i changed my privacy settings. I want this to be a happy and inspiring place, where i don't have to think about all the scary things in the world. i am an EXTREMELY sensitive person, i don't handle conflict of ANY kind well, so to have someone say they saved pictures of me on their computer "for themselves" creeped me out the ever loving door. i don't know if it was someone i know or someone i don't know, if it was a man or a woman. i just got really freaked and even thought about deleting my blog. but it is really fun for me, i just don't want to put pressure on myself to post everyday, i want to have quality posts with words... haha, and if i push myself, their not going to be good.

i also want to change the look of my blog a tad. on my banner i have "photo+fashion+project blog" even though i would call myself a creative person, i don't do many projects. i do however love music, so i'll add stuff here and there, change just small things to make it look more put together.... so anyways. thanks for reading this long post. and i'll be back soon :)

Heart of a Girl by The Killers on Grooveshark


  1. You are great jaydinn. i am glad you are still blogging, I enjoy reading your posts. i also feel the need to step back from the social media scene from time to time. it can be a bit much!

    1. Aw! Thank you Rachel!
      for sure. stepping back and being with people right with me was good. i needed it a lot.


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