Choose Joy.

Life is a crazy thing.
Sleeping. Eating. Socializing. Judging. Accepting. Loving. Learning.
It's in the moment I realized I might actually be in love..... with a famous person (*cough* Harry *cough* Styles) and that My heart is fragile, even in something as silly as a boy band obsession.
The day I actually saw heartbreak in My 13 year old cousin's tear filled eyes, I realized we're all emotional and fragile, no matter how strong our bodies are, we are small and our hearts are like a snowflake. We can all get ourselves trapped in our own minds and emotions. We can get ourselves so locked up, that we'll need to crack, and all it will take is a zit on the bottom of our chin, and suddenly we've turned into Mrs. Bennett on a bad day.
Some days I feel like the enemy is just kicking my brain with metal cleats... but.. then i remember that I have this amazing spirit inside me, that shows me truth and life. I feel like Jesus speaks to me through music, no matter if I'm listening to Justin Timberlake or Josh Garrels, I feel like he picks out the words he wants me to hear, and he puts them to my ears to receive love and kindness.
One sweet strum, ringing out E minor, can make my day.

I like to experiment on Netflix (after reading about 5 parent reviews on the movie, of course).
and on occasion I'll see something disturbing, It can be a half a second clip on the movie, and I will be feeling sad and grossed out for days. Fragile and Sensitive. To fill myself with sweet words, funny sayings and coffee, is what I need. I just get mad, why can't I just watch a romantic comedy, without seeing something my brain isn't prepared for.

It's life.
it's the world.
it's our culture.

Heartbreak. Sadness. Insecurity. There's a lot of it.
But with every tear, there's two chuckles.
with every death, somewhere babies are being born.
with every sunset, the next morning will bring a sunrise.

Everyone of us has to choose joy. We need to have faith in the good.
Count the smiles, inhale every fresh gust of wind.
See the wrinkles on the elderly, embrace the feet you were given, and dance on the hot pavement.

No one will be happy if we focus on what's happening on the news and in politics or if we choose to believe that all of our facebook friends have better lives than us. We all put on some sort of act. so break through the fake. Break through the emotional walls of yourself, and love with your whole self.

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  1. speechless. your writing is beautiful.


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