"Robby.... Ray"

Hailey Just got here!!! without my knowing my mom and My aunt Lala and her dad bill planned this for our birthdays! since her birthday is in late december and mine is in early january! Yay yay yay!!! we are having so much fun obsessing over things and watching movies and just being friends! it feels like it's not real.my mom and aunt said we were going to kansas city to return christmas gifts and after we went shopping we were trying to find Chick-Fil-A and she put it in her GPS and "it took us to an airport" and my aunt said she really had to pee and she wanted me to come... and when we walked in hailey and her dad were there! i thought i was going to pass out! my legs were shaking so much! and we could not stop giggling! i'm excited for the days to come!

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