New camera + ME = New love!

I got a Fujifilm Finpix s1800 and i love it, it's my new best friend (sort of), Well here are a few of the pictures i've taken with my friend.
Here is one of a grain elevator.
Here is what looks to be dead flowers.

Here is one of my eye with Yellow, Orange and red eye shadow under it.
This is a Glass Water Globe as my mema says and i like this picture alot!
This is at my friends farm, those are her Polka Dot boots in the right corner, she was climbing up the barn wall.
This is a tree in an open snowy feild, i think the simple things are prettiest.
This is just Wheat or really tall grass (haha)with the sun shining through it.

This is my cousin Sarah pretending to be an old lady in a Wheelchair at
our church.

this is a bunch of my friendship braclets i enjoy making.
This is a windmill without it's top.

This is a Barn with a tree coming out of it (no duh).

This is my friend Allie on the left and her sister Aneleise on the right and a little girl from china they were watching, She asked allie "Does jaydinn like being fashionable" i like her :)
My friends live by train tracks and every so often a train goes by.

This is my friend Allie and the little girl who thinks i'm fashionable walking in a feild by their house.

This is actually a bandaid a pretty sparkly bandaid that i had to take a picture of.
This is just a plant in my living room with paper flowers my mom made on it.

Thank You for reading/looking...
XoXo Jaydinn

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