A Jesus Day! Heart!!

So today, Sarah and i have been listening to really good jesus music. and i've been just thirsty for some sweet worship... and this morning at church i got a little taste of it but i wanted more... so we listened to stuff on my iPod but it's just recorded and it didn't feel as refreshing as i wanted. so tonight at Youth Group we pulled weeds out of a lady's garden... and went back to the church, and usually it's only My youth pastor and her brother that do worship, but tonight it was more of some of my favorite people. So we sang about (maybe) 6 songs, and i felt the tears coming, but on the last song (How He Loves- John Mark McMillan) i love that song... so anyways, during the song i was crying for all different reasons one of them being that i could sing really loud. so after it was all over a bunch of us were still recovering from all the crying :) and my cousin was still sitting there with her eyes closed and her head down crying (which made me cry more)and Me and three wonderful ladies prayed for her (might i add i cried even more) it was so super good and just... aaah. you know that cry that just is so refreshing? and you just want to cry more and more. just cry out to Jesus... it just made me so thankful for the people in my life and the opportunity to serve god. It was a good night for me and everyone else in that room. Love you guys! <3

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  1. that sounds awesome! I love that song also! And if your mama and aunt were the stephanie and christy who were singin tonight then you had no choice but to be swept up in the arms of Jesus! They sing like angels!


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