New Day, Same Dreams

All i can think about today is "Germany, Germany, Germany... London, London, London" i seriously NEED to get out of the USA... blah, i want to go shop in H&M again... but no, not the american H&M the cheap, wonderful, German H&M... and Zara. Sorry i'm losing myself in dream. i got this adorable shirt at Zara (i got an xxs in kids) because i was a tiny 9 year old, and of course sadly it doesn't fit me anymore, now it's my 7 year old sister's. it's not that i have anything against the U.S. at all, but i don't want to be american. haha! i want a cool accent that i don't have to fake. oh dear... My cousin Janessa and I sometimes go a whole day using british accents, and it is super fun... when i was 5 i used to want to go to England and fake an accent, but one day i realized that they can tell if a 5 year old was doing a terrible mockery of their accent. i feel like i'm being selfish, because tons of people don't ever get to leave the U.S. but i did... ugh. My other cousin and I have a 'London Fund' and i already have 18 dollars sittin' in it... haha! this was a pointless blog post for anyone else but myself... Sorry for that. but thank you for reading anyways- Kisses Jaydinn

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  1. hehe! I always thought that people from other countries who speak with an accent sound way smarter and cooler than plain ole americans speaking english!


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