Late Post... Pilgrimage Pictures

So, back in October we did a 45 mile walk in Alabama, i blogged about it a bit last october and i blogged this year on Paper Dolls, so here are a few special pictures i took.
This is Sean and Rain-man talking on the side of the road, i do really love this picture! i think it's beautiful in many different ways!
This is The Blister Bus (The Bird Song Cafe') My dad painted it and pretty much built it, and for awhile it was a Cafe' but now it's in alabama and people stay in it from time to time.
This was taken by Aaron, it is Hailey, Me and Sarah...
This is the wonderful Helen! She decided she was going to just run through the fields while we were walking! Thanks for the great photo ops Helen!!!!
Hah! i took this picture by holding my arms up as high as i could and i like it!!
This is my Uncle Josh, he wasn't trying to pose as god, in fact he didn't know i was taking his picture!
Aaaaw! I looove this picture! i love when my pictures turn out over exposed like this! This is Shilah and adorable son River! if you looked in my camera most of the pictures from the pilgrimage would have been of that sweet baby!
Here is another one of my favourites! River and his Papa Cody! they are such a cute family!
This picture is of most of the walkers, and it's also slightly over exposed! love!
This picture was taken by my cousin Ari, he had wanted to take a picture the whole walk! i finally said he could and i really like the picture! Me and Hailey!
Here is another picture of even more of the walkers! I can't wait for next years Pilgrimage! Go out and walk a few miles, you don't have to walk 45 unless you want to! but it feels so good! XoXo Jaydinn!!!

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  1. i can't believe that the pilgrimage is going to be here in 3 months!


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