The Beach. And Stories.

Last friday my... Aunt, two cousins, mother, sister and brother, went to "the beach" and it was very fun, i stepped on a dead fish, but i would rather not speak of that.

alas, this is not the fish i stepped on. it was littler... but still nasty. when i was like 5, we stopped at our friend Hazel's house while traveling, and she has cats. and i was walking up to the door barefoot, and all of a sudden i was standing on a dead rat. i just stood there and screamed and sobbed, my dad picked me up and ran me to our bus and scrubbed my foot while i proceeded to scream and sob. my foot still twitches and stings when i think about it!! it was a terrible experience!!!

This is something i don't mind stepping on at all! it felt like a massage!!

my cutie face brother!!!

Me and my cousin decided we would go across the bridge and sit on a hollow log and talk, after we got across the bridge we started talking about the hunger games, then i freaked myself out and thought there were cameras watching me and we quickly left.

The whole lot of us were "pretending" that we were in the quarter quell, and then while we were having a picnic Sarah mentioned that if we were in the hunger games that we would not be eating that nicely. so we decided we were in District 4 instead. we are all major nerds, haha!     Oh right. the reason there is the word "poop" written in the sand is because my mom decided to write an "Inspirational Word" for us girls to see.

Haha! i hope those stories gave you a chuckle! or maybe a smile, or maybe you even peed your pants as i sometimes do when I laugh.

Please comment and share your funny stories! i have always loved funny stories!!

:D Love,

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