A Musical Saturday

Saturday we had a music night at the coffee house and it was during tornado scariness! luckily we were in a basement. a very, very safe basement!
it was so fun and i didn't want to stop!
My aunt got a hold of my camera and took a bunch of pictures, so all of the credit goes to her. @Brown Bag Photography
      ↖Me     ⇱my mom⟰my brother⬈my dad


p.s.... My Aunt Stephie and Dana sang...

It was a good night! i can't wait to do it again! maybe next time i could buck up the courage to play the mandolin!!! my youth pastor has a video, and the other guy Dana, (who also sang, but we came late and didn't get any photos.) recorded EVERYTHING! i'm excited to listen to it all again. not so excited about hearing my own voice, but the others are great!


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