Homemade ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! | Recipe :)

Aaah! So my mom found this delicious recipe for homemade ice cream, and guess how you do it?!?! with 2 plastic bags. I'm going to share the recipe with you right now!

Things you need:

2 tablespoons of sugar.
1 cup of half + half.
1/2 a teaspoon of extract (vanilla, mint or even strawberry)
1/2 a cup of "Ice Cream Salt" 
1 Gallon sized ziplock bag
1 Pint sized ziplock bag.
1/2 a cup of chocolate chips (optional)
Food Colouring (also optional) 
 First put the Half and Half in a jar or just the bag.
 Put the sugar in... obviously i didn't measure.
 I made mint chocolate chip, so i put mint extract in.
 There was no green food colouring in the box so i used yellow and blue, so it would be a cute minty green.
 Then i added my chocolate chips... i put  A LOT more in than the picture shows!
 Mix it all together in the pint sized bag.
 put ice + salt in gallon sized bag then place the smaller bag inside the bigger bag. haha!
 Then shake!!!
I suggest having a dance party to 90's music!!
And enjoy your delicious ice cream.

Love and yumminess,



  1. How sweet! I love your method of shaking it :P

  2. It was really fun, and delicious!!


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