MM 9

I recently filled my iPod with stuff i actually want. and i have been listening to it more than ever! this is what i'm going to do. i'm gonna share my top three most played songs on my ipod. well, here we go.

Cat Stevens-Don't Be Shy.
 I have always loved this song, it's because i have cool parents that played cool music when i was little. so when i heard it on We Bought A Zoo it kind of became like a whole new song to me.

First Aid Kit- Emmylou.
 My mom said "It takes some really cool Europeans singing country music to make you appreciate it" and it's true, i am not a huge fan of most country music. but some i like. i like old country music. anyways. on to the next one.
Graffiti6- Foxes.
 I'm a lyrics kind of person when it comes to most music. but with this song, i haven't really listened to the lyrics as much as usual. so i'm sorry if you come across a weird line!

The next song that i have been listening to, is The Backstreet Boys- I Want It That Way. and let me tell ya, it pumps me up! hahaha!!

Tomorrow is the iPhone day, so be expecting some silly instagram photos from me!!!!

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