SES £9

Ah! I have neglected poor Starry the past few weeks!
well now i'm back and ready to go!!!!

I Love everything about her outfit, and glasses and pose. it's so quirky! love!!

if and when i ever get glasses i will have them look like this with clear glass!

Can we take a sec to look at this kid's style!?! i know it's just because he has cool parents, or stylists or whatever. my future son will be dressing like this!

Though i feel like i have posted this before, i still love it! i can't wait for summer and turbans!

Smitten with Sandals!! I ordered some a few weeks back from Blowfish! i'm so excited to wear them all spring/summer/fall maybe all winter long!

I feel like i need this ring. like i feel like it's calling out my name!!

Right now i either want to be in... Birmingham, London, Dublin, Berlin, Prague, Vienna or Stockholm! i have wanderlust!!! a bad, bad case of it!

 Who will pay for my ticket to anywhere in Europe? ;)


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