Instagram Update

1.Baby Goats at the zoo!! they were so cute!!! One escaped and we had to get the man to put it back!
2.We had to walk home from church in the pouring rain! i got my dream to dance and sing in the rain!!
3.Sarah let me put temporary tattoos all over her face! hahahahaha!!
4.Harry Potter jelly beans! i actually really liked the dirt one. weird huh?
5.Helping with kiddos for "God Rocks" haha! they are so crazy and cute!
6.Lunch date with my cousin :)
7.Triceratops Scull, so crazy!!!
8.Drew's pink beard!!!! i love beards, but pink beard. yes.
9.A very interesting thing on the kids menu at Famous Dave's "Meat Math" gross.
10.Finny, me and him used to do this thing "flying boop boop" and forgot about it, and he let me do it again. i have got a pretty sweet brother! (and sister)
11.New Blowfish Shoes, i squealed a lot when they came!!!!
12.Drawing on my wrists, needing tattoo!!!
13.My cute little dresser, decorating is so fun!
14.S'mores, i had an embarrassingly messy face! haha!
15.whoops... i numbered them wrong. i'm very tired people! very tired!
16.My sweet momma got me sparkly eyeliner and pretty nail polish!
17.i made myself a nice case, it's a part of a wall in germany.
18.loving my skirt and shoes.
19.my dad doing a back bend. i love him!!!! hahaha!!!
20.yummy drinks at the Coffee House, i decorated them because I LOVE TOO!!!!!!!
"21" a mistake picture...

Hope you enjoyed

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